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Can you imagine owning a vehicle and not knowing what kind it was, or how to service it?

It would be a very insecure feeling to wonder when it could break down and how to fix it. Ironically this is the way most people go through life. They do not know what “Constitution type” “Psychological type” “Blood type” nor any other specific biochemical unique factors about themselves.

While many people may be attracted to a “one size fits all” approach to health preservation, Naturopath Greg Fredericks has found that people are as unique as their finger print. He believes people need an individual guide or “Owners Manual” with specific information about themselves.

With this unique owners manual they are then better equipped to make lifestyle and dietary decisions to optimize their physical and emotional selves for a healthy quality of life.

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Greg Fredericks’ latest release
Alternative and Integrative Oncology

The Reference Guide to Evidence Based Cancer Therapies

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