Greg Fredericks Naturopath

Beyond Natural Medicine

Edition II

A Compendium of Articles from the Edge of Science in Natural Medicine

The purpose of this book is to present pearls of wisdom to the reader from areas of research not generally known that could perhaps equip a practitioner to deal with health choices from other perspectives.

Beyond Natural Medicine is a book composed from published articles that began in 2002 after years of training in nonconventional paradigms and modalities. Most of the topics presented here are developed from a scientific evidence based approach to give the reader alternative explanations to a variety of significant issues that affect humanity.

In a world where natural medicine has been criticized for not being scientifically validated this book stands as an example of contrast to those beliefs.

This book is intended as a post graduate educational resource and not as a mainstream publication for purposes of profit.

Edition II expanded with five new articles.

Warning: This book may push the parameters of conventional paradigms beyond the confines of orthodox thinking.

This book takes the reader on an evidence based journey beyond the orthodox paradigms taught in Colleges and Universities.

The information in this book comes from some of the world’s most outstanding scientists and practitioners from around the world.

Articles include:

Lectins: The Cause of Most Disease?

Secret Cannabis Alchemy

Alternative Biology and the Suppressed Explanation of Disease

The Longevity Microbiome

The Hidden Power in Blood

Super Microscopes and the Mystery of Morphogenesis

The Science behind the COVID Swab Test

Nagalase and the Cancer Kill Switch

Nutritional and Herbal Radiation Protection

CMAH and the Alien Gene Code

Serine and Glycine: Stealth Cancer Promoters

Can Your Shoes Affect Infertility and Cancer

Future Oncology Now

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