Greg Fredericks Naturopath

What is Darkfield Microscopy

live blood test

Darkfield Microscopy is a method whereby liquids including saliva, urine and blood or other materials are tested against a black backdrop. This is achieved by the light being sent in horizontally rather than vertically giving the ultimate illumination and contrast of objects being examined. When the blood is examined every particle or anomalies is revealed instead of being overlooked as in conventional light or phase contrast microscopy. This method of analysis has been used by many great biologists in the past who developed different pathological paradigms compared to orthodox biologists concerning the causes of disease in human blood. Some of these biologists include Gunther Enderlein, Royal Raymond Rife, William Reich, Gaston Naessens and many others. These biologists represent a group of scientists that were often persecuted by orthodoxy for their beliefs in how disease is created and how it can be brought back into balance.

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