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Darkfield Warriors 4th Edition

Darkfield Warriors 4th Edition is your definitive guide to the world of Darkfield Live Blood Microscopy


Darkfield Warriors is the ultimate reference for microscopists performing live blood analysis or for those wanting to learn. This book discusses the history, controversy and future possibilities of this increasingly popular screening tool. This book was developed from multiple schools of interpretation including; Enderlein, Coyle, Naessens, Bradford, Bleker and Metagenics with references to Rife, Bechamp, Reich, Mattman and others.

Since its inception in 1999 Darkfield Warriors has continued to evolve with the changing times. An encyclopedic reference plus many new morphologies and blood pictures are provided along with introductory and advanced concepts from the world’s leading biologists. This book provides over 150 glossy colour photos of blood morphologies plus many black and white photos.

With few books on this subject Darkfield Warriors 4th Edition is the most complete information source for the microscopist in the nanotech era. With future complexities from nano and AI and other sources affecting the terrain of people’s blood this book is an essential navigational tool for the serious practitioner’s library.



What Type of Microscope Should I Purchase for Live Blood Analysis?

The most commonly asked question by people interested in doing live blood microscopy is what type of microscope should I purchase? Most courses that teach Live Blood Analysis (LBA) usually provide different microscopes that instructors recommend. Unfortunately most courses are focused on blood morphologies and not on the many variable mechanisms that make up the microscope system.
FINALLY there is an article that can be used as a reference resource to help choose the right microscope for LBA and much more. This 15 page easy to understand guide provides description and pictures of every component involved in the Live Blood microscope system. This information will enable the microscopist to upgrade their existing system or build their own Live Blood microscope system. Also included is easy to understand descriptions, pictures and secrets of how to turn your microscope into a super microscope system capable of clearly viewing anomalies under extreme magnification at minimal cost.
This article is composed by a Live Blood microscopist who has performed over 100,000 Live Blood sessions over 3 decades and studied from some of the pioneers of super microscopy.
The information provides an indispensible resource designed to save time and money in building or upgrading the ultimate Live Blood microscope for your needs.

The information in this article is based on the author’s experience and research. It does not endorse any particular company, product or manufacturer. The author does not receive any remuneration from any companies or products mentioned. The author is not responsible for any results or outcomes from any combinations of products suggested.

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